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The Campbell and Malburg roots are in the greenhouse business.

Mike and Betty Campbell purchased the existing farm in 1976 and used the land to produce vegetables sold at the Eastern Market, Armada Flea Market, and on the farm.

In the spring of 1983, Mike and Betty started Campbell’s Greenhouses as a new business on the very same property it stands on today. The first greenhouse held 700 flats of annuals. It was a wood frame construction all double poly covered. They had their first business cards printed and Betty went door to door everywhere she had seen people selling plants. The business began to grow and each year we
added on. Mike also worked outside the farm driving cement truck and/or pouring cement with a company that he and a friend started; C and T Cement. They were always busy with their three children, Melanie, Melissa and Brian who still remember working and transplanting flats of annuals for a nickel each.

In the fall of 1991, Mike passed away from a car accident. The farm continued on through some very difficult times. Spring of 1995, Andy Malburg and his four children, John, Dan, Liz, and Gordon came into the picture. Andy and his children had a farm in the small town of Allenton where they vegetable farmed and had an existing wholesale greenhouse operation also.

In 1997, Andy and Betty decided to marry and combined families and businesses whereby tripling Campbell’s Greenhouses size in one year.

In 2014, Campbell’s Greenhouses made some big changes by combining business with Betty’s son Brian Campbell. Brian owned B&B Lawn and Landscape and Malbell Greenhouse Construction. The three companies are now working together and are excited for future growth.

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